Nov 18, 2010

IF: Burning

Illustration Friday
Still life drawing in colored pencil, 10" x 16"

Christy's Studio & Design

Deep-blue, triangular backdrops made of metal and accented with earthy, ceramic stones. Yours for $12, includes shipping.

Some girls just love to coordinate! A 20" purple heart necklace secured with a barrel clasp, plus a delicate set of matching earrings. A great deal at $24, includes shipping.

Do you know someone who goes for the earthy tones? This pair of hammered-metal earrings are a perfect find for $12. Shipping included.

Crafty Kismet

When your creative you just have to go with it! I'm a crafty chic, I love earrings and it was a inescapable attraction. Even a few necklaces and bracelets are up for sale. I'll post some of my wares; give me a shout if you'd like to buy any... I don't tack on insane prices. This pair of earrings at left sells for $12. I'll cover the shipping cost.